Saturday, 27 October 2012

how to dye your hair?

Here, we will show you how to do a Dip-Dye of Blue and Purple on your hair.
 Prepare the above materials:

  • Hair Dye Powder
  • Bleaching Powder
  • Peroxide Cream
  • Hair Dye Brush
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Towels
  • Hair clips
  • Gloves
  • Newspapers 

Quick Fix Tips: Don't have a mixing bowl? Use any bowl or container will do as precise measurements had been done by us. For gloves, two sheets of clear plastic bags can be a great replacement. Be sure to prevent a big mess by laying old newspapers on the floor! Putting on an old shirt is advisable.

 1st step: Bleach your hair

Pour half a packet of peroxide cream into the mixing bowl, 

Keep the remaining half for later use.

Pour in a full packet of bleaching powder into the bowl as well, and mix them thoroughly. The texture should look slightly flaky, which creates an applicable medium.

Go through which part of the hair you want to colour again.

Separate them into sections and apply the mixture on the desired part of hair, evenly.

Make sure every strands are bleached for a more even result.

                                           40 minutes - 45 minutes later....

Wash your hair thoroughly with running water and dab some hair conditioner to compensate for hair dehydration. Blow dry your hair and smoothen the ends. You will see a lighter hair color. In this case, there are red because she highlighted her hair red before, but no biggie since we will be dyeing a darker shade of colour later.

*For special colour dyes like pink, blue or purple, your hair is required to be bleached at least 4 times (recommended) before proceeding to the dyeing step in order to achieve a more prominent result. The multiple times- bleached result should look blonder than the above.

You can bleach your hair more than one time too regardless of the which color dye you are using (other than pink, blue and purple) according to personal preference.   

*Note that the lighter your bleached hair is, the more prominent the color dyed will be. BUT don't over do it as it might cause breakage to your hair. Check the condition of your hair every time after you wash off the bleach. 

We recommend you to only dye your hair the next day after you bleach them. So that your hair could get some rest.

                                        2nd step: Coloring your hair

Pour half a packet of peroxide cream (remember the other half portion saved from 1st step?) and one packet of hair dye powder into a clean mixing bowl. You may modulate the ratio/ amount of these two agents, depending on how much hair you wish to color, same rule of thumb applies to the bleaching step. 
The above picture illustrates the mixture of blue color dye and peroxide cream.

Apply generously and evenly, don't leave out tricky inner parts!

* Note that this is an attempt on galaxy color inspired hair, so if you intend to do solely single colour, kindly skip this step.

How can anything be justified as galaxy color without purple? :) Now, we are repeating the previous dyeing step with purple color dye powder. For this galaxy look, we opted for a layering effect by coloring the top part of the hair with blue first, wash & dry it and proceed to coloring the bottom part with puple.
 In this case, you will need to purchase an additional packet of peroxide cream for this usage. Same goes to buyers who intend to bleach twice. Please refer to the pricing list. 

Yes, we are sacrificing an old big tee shirt. Remember to cover the back of your neck.
 If your skin is stained, don't worry, wash it off immediately and it will take 1 or 2 days to be completely vanished.

The simple concept of understanding the usage of peroxide cream and determine how many packets you need:
Since both the bleaching agent (BA) and coloring agent (CA) come in powder forms, the peroxide cream functions as a medium that enables blending of BA and CA with a cream formula, simulating a soft texture for easy application.

A packet of 100ml peroxide cream (PC) will be divided into two portions for bleaching and coloring in most cases eg. Bleach once and dye single color, once. You will need: 1 packet of PC

For bleaching twice and coloring single color, once. You will need: 2 packets of PC (You can keep the extra half portion of PC for next usage, make sure to conceal the packet opening tight)
* Bleaching twice also means getting 2 packets of bleaching powder too!

For bleaching twice and coloring 2 colors. (As shown above) You will need: 4 packets of PC
Kindly refer to our pricing list, drop us an email at for any enquiries. Do leave us some comments/ feedbacks!


Don't you love the result? :) Total of 7 hours spent to achieve this!


  1. You are going to have some color bleed for a while each time you wash your hair. Even though it is permanent dye it is going to bleed, and when it is wet it can stain your towels and shirts. Designate a hair towel that you don't mind turning blue. I have had this color for a month now, and it has changed very little with washing but still bleeds color when I shampoo. I'm not worried about it because it still looks great, as I've come to expect with Feria color. This color bleed also happens with reds and other permanent colors but not for quite as long as the blue. The reason for this, I don't know.

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